Forward Proxy vs Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy server can absolutely be very useful at guarding your company servers from inevitable attacks. But recently we’ve been hearing people mix-up the terms. The confusion is understandable because they sound so similar, so please read this post for more information on how a reverse proxy differs from a forward proxy server. This […]

A thorough probe of the infamous Great Firewall in China

A famous Chinese site that restricts new naming affects the global DNS framework just as much as the limit on the acceptance of local content, such as long-distance testing for renaming.China’s DNS web filtering service – popularly known as the ‘Incomparable Firewall’ – has long been recognized by researchers under the Resident Lab PC using […]

Second Largest DDoS attack in the record,Micosoft hit 2.4 Tbps DDoS Attack.

The designer tried to discredit Microsoft’s internet service providers with the second major DDoS attack recorded last August. On Monday, the organization announced that it had encountered a 2.4Tbps attack targeting a European-based network. Google has had to fend off some really big attacks in the past, with one clocking in at 2.5 Tbps. DDoS […]

What is Anycast?

Anycast is a way of communicating with a network where incoming requests can be sent to various locations or “nodes.” In the case of a CDN, Anycast sets up incoming traffic routes to the nearest data center to process the application efficiently. The selected route allows the Anycast network to be more tolerant in the […]