Will Meris DDoS Botnet Attack Ever Rule the World?

What is Meris? The Meris botnet is a type of malware that hijacks computers and networks to send spam, phishing messages, and other types of email. The botnet consists of infected computers that send out a large number of emails. It is one such attack which utilizes everyday devices like webcams and DVR’s to compromise […]

Which are the top Cyber Attacks in the History?

(10) On April 27, 2007, the Estonian European you. s. experienced a series of cyberattacks that lasted for weeks. The Estonian authorities moved a bronze soldier from a talon center to an unprecedented military cemetery discovered on the metropolis’s outskirts. Estonian financial institution’s online provider broadcasters and authorities companies botnets ship giant waves of unsolicited […]


WHAT IS A BOTNET ATTACK? A botnet attack is a cyber-attack by Internet-connected devices controlled by a malicious character. The botnets themselves are four devices. When cybercriminals create malware on a network to control it as a group, they often launch cyber attacks. Botnet attacks can be used to send spam, steal data, compromise confidential […]