How to Protect Your Modem from DDoS Attacks?

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks deny users access to their device or network. While a Denial of Service attacker can target anyone, online gamers, e-commerce websites, and Forex traders are highly vulnerable to attack. This article shows you how DoS attacks can affect modems and how you can protect your modem. If you have little […]

NTP amplification DDoS attack

What is an NTP expansion attack? NTP attack to increase power-based attacks (DDoS). The attacker uses the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to terminate a network or server targeted with increased UDP traffic, making the target and surrounding infrastructure inaccessible to regular traffic. How does an NTP augmentation attack work? All scalability attacks exploit bandwidth […]


WHAT IS A BOTNET ATTACK? A botnet attack is a cyber-attack by Internet-connected devices controlled by a malicious character. The botnets themselves are four devices. When cybercriminals create malware on a network to control it as a group, they often launch cyber attacks. Botnet attacks can be used to send spam, steal data, compromise confidential […]