How to defend yourself against unethical bot traffic?

There has been a lot of advancements in the bot realm, resulting in an increase in bad bots. Web app developers have to spend a lot of time defending their sites against user session attacks. Depending on the application and user session, web app developers are often wondering whether or not it’s simply one of […]

Things Most People Don’t Know About What Is A Transaction Hash?

Most people call the result of a hashing algorithm a “hash”. This is because it delivers a fixed-length input for every variable-length input. It should not be possible to solve the problem just from these inputs, which are combined with each other in an algorithm. Even more importantly, the ideal case is that no two […]

Cybersecurity and the metaverse: Understanding vulnerabilities

As you’re scrolling through your myriad social media platforms, or just jumping online for a bit to read reviews of the new restaurant that just opened up down the street, keep in mind that reviews are always valuable when it comes to rating and ranking businesses so that other customers can know what they’re getting […]

The idea of cryptoassets as a national currency is too far-fetched.

Digital money is becoming more popular & faster, with potential benefits for everyone. There is the potential for it to provide cheaper and faster payments, which can open up access to financial products for many people who would otherwise not be able to cope. It also enhances resilience and competition in the payment provider market, […]

What is an NFT !

Non Fungible tokens – or NFTs – cause paradigm flexibility as one of the most important modern technological and financial innovations Although blockchain technology can sometimes be difficult, NFTs are much easier to understand than most people think. This guide is a living document that aims to reduce NFT in order to come out with […]