DDoS Attack Takes Down Eastern European Website For Hours

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a malicious attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. With the growing number of people and businesses relying on the Internet, the frequency and severity of these attacks has increased. One such attack recently took down an Eastern European website for […]

Why You Should Care Whether Or Not Your ISP Provides DDoS Protection

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack happens when many computers send packets of data to one server simultaneously. These attacks can cripple a company’s website and render it inaccessible to consumers. ISPs have been providing DDoS protection for years, but some are starting to cut back on the service, so it’s important to know if your […]

Thousands of Redis Instances Are Publicly Accessible to Attackers

Redis is a data structure store that has often been used as a caching layer in web applications. It is also often used as the primary data store for real-time analytics use cases. such as fraud detection. Redis is also popular with many developers due to its low memory footprint and easy configuration options, plus […]

Types Of DDoS Mitigation Services Explained

For many businesses, downtime can result in significant losses. However, if your company is prone to DDoS attacks then this statistic might be especially relevant to you. The numbers say that downtime lasts between seven and twelve hours which is a significant period of time for any business and leaves a huge dent in profits […]

Understanding Port Scanning: What is a Port and why is it Important?

Port scanning is a process that enables you to find out what ports are open on a given IP address. This process is usually done by sending connection requests to the port and checking for the response. In some cases, the port will respond with an error message such as “connection refused” or “connection timed […]

Why Dealing With DDoS Attacks Is The Most Important Thing In Cloud Security

DDoS attacks can have a huge impact on your business if they happen at the wrong time. Your customers could suddenly find themselves locked out and you could be under attack. Using solutions like Cloudflare and Sucuri to avoid downtime, as well as taking precautions like SiteLock, should get you to the next level of […]

How do you choose the right DDoS solution for your online services ?

Digital businesses are the victim of DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks. These attacks try to make a website or online service offline by flooding it with traffic from multiple sources. This can be disruptive, costly and can lead to serious consequences for your organization. The best way to protect your organization against DDoS attacks is to […]