API Security in Cloud Native Applications

Indigenous cloud applications, based on microservice architecture, interact by sending requests or feedback through APIs. API communication plays an essential role in the integration of native cloud applications. Therefore, API security is an important part of traditional application security. The API-related security issues shown below directly impact the security of native cloud applications: What API […]

Cybersecurity Tools for Cyber Threats

Threats are ever-changing and, like everything else, tend to follow certain styles. Excellent protection needs to mimic those styles so that users get the strongest protection in the newest waves of threats. So, I decided to write a blog on Cybersecurity tools that stand amid the complexity and minority of various cyber-attacks. With so many […]

What is Anonymous Web Hosting?

Would you be happy to know that you can have an anonymous or private website? To make it sound more fun, let me tell you, you can have an incomprehensible website, a website that will not reveal your identity online. You are not the only one trying to hide your IP host and web host […]