CDN for Website Acceleration

Let CDN drive your revenue!

Performance and Beyond

What we can help

Save Bandwidth

Don't waste money delivering the same bandwidth heavy static content over and over. Lectron will store and deliver your website's content automatically.

Increase Capacity

With most of the heavy lifting being done by our global CDN your website can handle up to 100x the traffic without making any changes to your code or servers.

Maximize Performance

Lectron will automatically cache your website's contents across the world massively decreasing latency no matter where your users are connecting from.

Service Price

Lectron Website Traffic

All of our amazing website performance, security, and control technologies baked into one package!

Monthly plans 1TB - 1PB

TrafficPrice per GB
Up to 1TBFree
1TB - 100TB$0.01/GB
100TB - 1PB$0.005/GB
1 PB+Contact us to get a custom solution/pricing.