What is a Mobile App Conversion Funnel and How to Use It

Conversion funnel displays the rate at which users complete each step of a user journey to reach an overall goal. While in marketing and sales funnels, the goal is to actually convert website visitors into paying customers, in conversion funnels, goals can be different. But hold on here. Let’s answer the two main questions about funnels:

Who do you think needs to analyze conversion funnels for mobile apps?

A whole lot of people such as product managers/product owners, user experience designers, marketing executives.

Why do you think they need to analyze conversion funnels?

A conversion funnel is an important part of understanding how an app is performing and should be one of the keystone elements of measuring user interactions with an app.

So, basically, if you care about user experience and user journeys in your app, you should be using conversion funnels.

It is called a “funnel” because it usually starts with a large number of users at the top and then it gets fewer and fewer users at the bottom. And your aim is to ultimately make it not look like that. A paradox of marketing.

The conversion funnel is going to show you over time whether your app users are doing what you have envisioned for them or not. In broader terms, this means checking out whether your users are doing what you want them to do: like tapping on a specific button or moving to a screen, or signing up to a form, or making a purchase. So obviously, goals that you might want to track can be numerous.https://web.archive.org/web/20190519092739if_/https://giphy.com/embed/sUyNClLRGdyne

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