Why Are ISPs Starting To Sell DDoS Protection-as-a-Service?

Why Are ISPs Starting To Sell DDoS Protection-as-a-Service

The Internet is becoming ever more important in our lives, and with it, the importance of having a service provider. The growing competition among providers means that customer churn has become an ongoing problem for most organizations. Realizing downtime impacts is crucial for any business. Even if it’s a few seconds of downtime, it can have serious consequences, like affecting how well your online gaming or financial services do. One of the biggest threats to uptime is downtime & internet disruption. Even if these don’t break an individual ISP’s SLAs, they still create a negative impact on your customer’s trust in your services and may even lead to you losing some revenue.

Attack Visibility and Insights

Organizations that operate their own DMZ consider DDoS security a cost center. However, it is estimated that professional criminals can easily spend up to $30k on the resources needed for a successful attack. With tenants relying on them to be fully functional, ISPs should protect their infrastructure at any cost. Many ISPs are taking extra security steps by offering DDOS protection to their customers, so that they can actually be proactive and have visibility into how DDoS affects their network. This helps provide actionable intelligence such as identifying the category of the attack and the IPs involved. Knowing what types of DDoS attacks have been mitigated is not just a ‘nice to have’ – it makes sense for your company to know this information and be able to adjust DDoS mitigation rules that can project future attacks. Archived security event data helps you understand the threats that your business has faced in the past and how they were stopped. You can share this information with each customer to help improve their protection or give them stats about what the ISP is doing right.

ROI on DDoS Security

DDoS protection as a service offered to tenant customers are what sets us apart from the others, because few providers can deliver high quality DDoS protection to their customers. Some ISPs provide free protection as an added service, while others provide customer-paid What Kind of Protection is the Best?services. Other companies offer baseline DDoS mitigation services to all of their customers, but those that place an emphasis on high availability can create value-added options and the provider offers DDoS protection for free or for a fee. ISPs offer base DDoS mitigation services to all customers, but those who are interested in a higher level of availability can work with the company to create added value options

What’s the Best Kind of Protection?

ISPs are so skilled at fighting DDoS attacks these days, they only work against traffic that originates from the source of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. This can only be achieved with line-rate performance & maximum-security efficacy. Legacy, out-of-band, on demand DDoS scrubbing centers & cloud services can create unacceptable delays before the attack is dealt with. The legacy approach is also typically costly for providers because it involves hiring highly trained personnel to monitor traffic 24/7.  It is also prone to error, because even the best human security analysts can’t react fast enough to modern multi-vector DDoS attacks. These are typically short in duration and small in volume, but they’re tricky to separate out from legitimate traffic. Short sub-saturating attacks are not really significant, as they still result in poor network performance and difficulties to access applications.

So, while technologies like real-time, automatic DDoS mitigation actually enables faster protection to the full edge bandwidth, it also improves scaling of your protection capacity to the tens-of-terabits per second. This is important because previously only scrubbing up to a certain level was feasible. By making use of VP market leading AI, you can cut the timeline to detect-to-mitigate a DDoS attack by an average of 34% and generate ROIs of up to 380%!

DDoS Protection as a Service providers can now offer an award-winning real-time DDoS protection service to their customers, providing a premium security service for top brands. They can offer this as a value-add service, or they can monetize it by offering tiered levels of protection to tenants. Some providers will charge for the service depending on what level of protection the user wants, which enables providers to onboard tenant customers, define and assign DDoS protection levels, and view attack dashboards for each. All of the customer’s requests are easily configurable so they can deliver the level of service they’re paying for. Protected customers can enjoy their own view of the DDoS attack reporting & analytics, and see how much value the DDoS protection adds to their business. They could also see which attacks have been blocked and prevent them. Tenants are also able to keep an eye on what the DDoS protection is showing for them.

In today’s ISP market, product differentiation becomes crucial. ISPs need to offer a variety of services to stay ahead of the competition and one way they can do this is to offer robust DDoS protection services.


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