Why DDoS Attacks Are Getting Worse and How They Could Affect You


As Internet Service Providers compete for both commercial and residential clients, customer churn is a constant concern. Customers often don’t stick with one provider for long. Downtime is something a lot of people have to deal with, no matter what the industry. We know how important it is to you, which is why our hosting offers 99.9% uptime with 100% network security so that you don’t have to worry. Internet connectivity and downtime are some of the major things ISPs have to avoid in order to keep their company running smoothly. It negatively affects your company’s brand, trust from customers, and revenue. Did you know that one of the biggest threats to uptime are outages?

There’s a lot of value in understanding attacks and insights into them.

A lot of organizations look at DDoS security as a cost, rather than an investment. This is dangerous since ISPs are favorite targets for attackers and it’s essential they do all they can to keep their networks safe. Especially if the ISP is a public one and does business with outside clients. Many ISPs are now offering DDoS protection as a service. This will enable you to know when your network is under attack and also get intelligence about who might be responsible for the attack. Having knowledge of the various kinds of cyber-attacks is not a want – it’s a key business management skill. Understanding what types of attacks have been mitigated is crucially important, as you need to be able to adjust your security arsenal appropriately in order to stop future attacks. Archived event data is critically important for forensic analysis and to stay compliant when it comes to data traffic. It gives you & your clients insight into a threat which has been averted, empowering them with valuable information to avoid issues in the future.

ROI for DDoS protection: Gain and Retain

DDoS protection as a service provided to tenants is key for differentiating yourself from your competitors, because few providers can offer DDoS protection to their customers. Some ISPs provide protection for free, as a value-add to their service. While some choose to generate incremental revenue by offering protection as a subscription service. They are able to offer baseline DDoS protection services to all customers, however for those clients who place high expectations on availability and reliability, the provider has created value-added options. Whether it’s for free or a fee, ISPs can provide DDoS mitigation too.

What’s the Best Kind of Protection?

In the wake of today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks, ISPs need to enforce their mitigation policies against DDoS attack traffic with precision. This can only be accomplished with high-performance and maximum-security efficacy from legacy out-of-band, on-demand DDoS scrubbing centers and cloud services. They can create unacceptable delays between the detection phase of an attack and when the actual remediation starts. The old-school way of measuring traffic is also expensive and resource-intensive. It requires providers to have highly trained staff monitoring traffic round the clock.  AI security analysts are also prone to error, as the short DDoS attacks often can’t be distinguished from legitimate traffic. As a result, we recommend that you employ human security analysts so that your service is always safe. These short and sudden denial of service attacks are a cause for concern because they still lead to poor network performance and the inability to access applications or services.

In contrast, automatic DDoS mitigation technology enables you to have protection you can rely on even during heavy traffic that’s difficult to mitigate. As a result, it can scale up to tens of terabits per second protection capacity while only partial protection previously was allowed. Cyber-attacks on a company can be devastating. But by using big data, AI, and machine learning technologies, there’s a potential for improved pre-attack detection which will allow for better cyber protection, preventing attacks before they cause damage. The timeline

The DDoS Protection as a Service model that we offer will help you protect your business from any DDoS attacks by quickly and efficiently providing award-winning service. They could offer it as a value-add service and expect to charge additional service fees for it, or they could offer the service on a subscription basis and monetize their DDoS protection by offering tiered levels of protection – e.g. heavy, average, light – to business tenants. Some providers, like GLEAY offer a range of options to tailor your service to the type of business that you want. The multitenant portal makes it easy so you can determine how much protection you need and explore all the possibilities open to you at any time. Each customer can be easily configured to receive the service they have paid for. Protected customers can login to their ‘own’ view – a reporting log and analytics service that analyzes DDoS attacks and tells them what an extra month of protection will cost them. This way they have visibility into the worth of the expensive service they are paying for, along with the peace of mind.


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