Why Focusing Too Much on App User Acquisition is Not Right

In the mobile app world, focusing on ANYTHING too much is already a growth killer. You know why? Because there are a dozen things to take care of and if you invest too much energy into one thing only, you might end up losing the others. The same applies to focusing too much on user acquisition. Of course, it’s tempting to invest money into acquiring new users especially if you are just starting but there are other growth factors you should consider too such as engagement and retention.

Let’s start with understanding what user acquisition is and how it can help you.

What is mobile user acquisition?

Basically, mobile user acquisition equals to getting people to download your mobile app.

User acquisition is sometimes rather costly but you cannot overlook it because let’s face it, you need people to learn about your app and to download it to understand what a treasure it is.https://web.archive.org/web/20180406131710if_/https://giphy.com/embed/3oz8xDLuiN1GcDA3xC

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