Protect. Accelerate.

Lectron protects any type of online TCP and UDP application from DDoS attacks, reduce packet loss and speed up your traffic delivery to your end visitors using our 210+ globally distributed anycast cities around the world with 67Tbps in capacity.

Game Servers

Most of our customers host Minecraft, FiveM, Rust, DayZ, and ARK Survival game servers.

Mining Pool

Protect BTC, ETH and most major token pools to improve network quality rating.

Staking Pool

Protecting ETH 2.0 and Cardano staking pools and improve reliability rating of your pool.

Conference Apps

Zoom alternatives such as Jitsi are on the rise in growing countries and in desparate needs of protection


The Secure Shell Protocol is important to connect to a Linux server securely over an unsecured network.


Protect bidirectional interactive text oriented communication facility using a virtual terminal connection.

Email Servers

Most domain registrars and hosting companies in developing country have email server solutions that need protection.

Financial Software

Help reduce the attack surface of your mission critical financial applications.

Remote Desktop

The popular Windows Remote Desktop software runs on TCP and UDP port 3389, usually unsecured.

Internet of Things

The most susceptible domestic devices that were used to initiate Mirai attacks because of no protection.

Leverage the power of Lectron to protect and accelerate game, telnet, SSH, email, file, video servers and more.

210+ cities around the world

67Tbps Capacity

Watch our globally distributed proxy solutions protect and optimize Lectron Craft game server with ease!


Protect any app against DDoS attacks on both TCP and UDP protocols, allowing only clean traffic through in the most efficient ways possible.

Easy to Setup

No nameserver change needed, no additional hardware needed.

Just click and done!

200+ Locations

Our blended network from Cloudflare, AWS and Google Cloud is always online to protect and accelerate your applications.

Unlimited Protection

Our capacity is 67Tbps. You only need to pay for clean bandwidth, and our network will protect you againsts malicious traffic no matter its size

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Set things up in under 5 minutes


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