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Lectron protects your server from DDoS attacks

then supercharges it to improve your user experience

UDP & TCP Shield

The Internet is more than just the web. It comprises many other TCP/ UDP applications that have the same fundamental needs as web services – speed, security, and reliability.

Custom gaming application? Lectron will ensure it’s lightning-fast for all your global users. Want to ensure the security and uptime of your financial trading software? Lectron will do just that, even at peak trading hours.

Origin Accelerate

It doesn't matter where your server is, we always detect global real-time congestion and route traffic across the fastest and most reliable network paths, to keep the connection to your machine persistent.

Lectron Origin Accelerate is already built into your Protect product to make sure routing decisions are informed by real-time network conditions.

Cosmic Guard DDoS Protection

We eat all DDoS and malicious traffic for you so you don't have to. All you need to do is setup your server's IP addresses behind our globally distributed proxy of 210+ locations sitting at 67 Terabit per second capacity.

Moreover, each location acts as its own scrubbing center to filter malicious traffic efficiently.

Endpoint Accelerate

Your end-user experiences need to be immersive, interactive, and fast – regardless of the user's location, device, or current network conditions.

Lectron Endpoint Accelerate is built into your Protect product to make sure your real time content is served from the nearest data centers within your country and city to latency, packet loss