Protect. Accelerate.

Lectron makes it simple to protect all online applications from DDoS attacks, and speed up your network delivery to your end users using superior global anycast network consists of 200+ locations at 60Tbps capacity

for as low as $5/month.

UDP & TCP Shield

Protect any app against DDoS attacks on both TCP and UDP protocols, allowing only real traffic through.

Guard Everything

We protect voice, audio & video streaming, gamer servers, email servers, SSH & more!

Easy to Setup

No nameserver change needed, no additional hardware needed.

Just click and done!

200+ Locations

Our cosmic global anycast network spans over 200 locations accross the globe

Always On

Our solution is always online, always available to protect and accelerate your applications.

Unlimited Protection

You only need to pay for clean bandwidth, and our network will protect you againsts malicious traffic no matter its size

Leverage the power of Lectron to protect and accelerate game, telnet, SSH, email, file, video servers and more.

Take a look at some examples

Use cases

Watch our anycast reverse proxy solutions protect and optimize Lectron Craft game server with ease!

Online Game Servers

Change the way that your online gaming applications, such as Minecraft server's content is loaded and distributed from around the world using 200+ data centers to increase performance and backend anonimity.

Internet of Things

Our global content delivery network automatically caches your website all over the world ensuring fast connections no matter where your users are.

Remote Desktop

Enhance how Windows Remote Desktops are delivered to your users by bundling TCP and UDP on port 3389 together, hiding your backend IP address, improving transit, by helping you connect from the nearest edge location.

Email/File Transfer Servers

Protect email servers from being attacked via port 587 or any non-standard ports

What we offer

Discover the true potential of your network applications

Easy setup

Set things up in under 5 minutes


Add credit

Login to our dashboard, add credit to start.


Choose package

Choose a package, it’s like a voucher for volume based discount. 



Create proxy

Create a proxy and deploy it, and then you are done!