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We protect and speed up game server, mail server, backend and any app that use TCP and/or UDP protocols at the lowest price

💸 cheaper access: Cloudflare Spectrum & Path Network
🚀 faster setup: Linux + Windows servers
⚡ anycast by default
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Online Shields
Online Users
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Use Cases

Lectron is a great fit for non-HTTP use cases, such as gaming (TCP + UDP), IoT (MQTT), or Voice over IP, and some backend HTTP use cases that don’t require default web port 80/443 to work, such as Proxmox and Pterodactyl admin panel

Minecraft Servers
Metaverse Games
Spatial Audio
Crypto Staking Pool
SSH / FTP / Telnet
Remote Desktops
Unreal Engine Games
Unity Games
DNS Server
Backend Dashboards
API Endpoint
Any TCP/UDP Service
we are the infrastructure shield of the


Discover a realm where countless individuals unite in a digital landscape, crafting and molding their own worlds while engaging with each other in real-time. This revolutionary fusion of imagination and social interaction ushers in a unique, immersive experience. However, this groundbreaking innovation also demands a refined approach to ensure its seamless operation.

At Lectron, we comprehend the complexities involved in maintaining a metaverse. The persistent read / write / calculate / cache, single-sharded orchestrations, and the omnipresent risk of cyberattacks can significantly burden servers, hindering the user experience. That's why we're here to assist sysadmins and game developers in shifting the cyber defense aspect of their metaverse to the cloud.

By handling the arduous task of safeguarding against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, brute force password hacking attempts, port scanning, and other malevolent activities, your servers can concentrate on delivering a smooth, lag-free multiplayer experience. This is exactly what gamers desire: a virtual environment that feels like a second home, enabling exploration, creation, and connection without the worry of disruptions.

Moreover, our expertise at Lectron isn't limited to just a handful of applications. We're extensively integrating with an array of metaverse-related software, and we possess the capacity to support hundreds of additional application types. So whether you're developing a vast online game or designing a social hub for your community, we've got your back.

With Lectron's cloud-based remote cyber defense solutions, the metaverse's future shines bright. So, don't hesitate – let's join forces and bring your vision to life.

Lectron Story

In 2012, I established one of the earliest and most popular Minecraft servers worldwide, known as Waffle Minecraft. At its peak, the server hosted nearly 1,000 players simultaneously within a single world. I was 20 years old at the time, and my close friend Andrew, only 15. Our innovative Economy Roleplaying Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server was even featured in Andrew’s school newspaper. Little did we know, we had created an early prototype of today’s “metaverse.”


However, our success attracted unwanted attention. We faced multiple blackmail attempts from adversaries seeking to disrupt our community through Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. I spent thousands of dollars on protection measures, but it wasn’t until I developed my own solution that we gained effective defense.


Fast forward to the present day, and I’ve spoken with numerous game server owners, streamers, and metaverse builders. I’ve discovered that DDoS attacks remain a persistent problem, now on an even larger scale. This realization has fueled my passion for creating an affordable, efficient, and accessible solution for safeguarding multiplayer game servers, metaverse platforms, and real-time applications. With Lectron, our customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a powerful, intuitive, and reliable cosmic guard.

you are here, it's fate.

Let us help you Secure and accelerate your metaverse, with a smile 🙂

Limitless Scalability

Ultimate Shield

80% cheaper than Amazon Global Accelerator
UDP / TCP Shield
Our first version in 2019 and 2020 targeted a small segment of users, with only real time UDP / TCP shield reverse proxy version available, with no additional machine learning layer, which mostly served Minecraft servers at the time. We provided the barebone Lectron UDPShield / TCPShield DDoS mitigation platform to old friends who have been running Minecraft servers since 2012.
Lectron Cosmic Guard
In 2021, due to the growth of gaming during the COVID-19 pandemic, we added more advanced layer to greatly improve uptime. In the metaverse era, the real property that you have is the network effect of your users' real time concurrent online connection. Lectron Cosmic Guard's DDoS Mitigation platform is built to protect your metaverse from the smallest and most evasive attacks known or not yet known in the dark web.
Lectron Cosmic Global
You only need to top up your account when you are ready to start, pay-as-you-go, and don't have to worry about being overcharged. HOW? We are always coming up with new ways to blend our bandwidth together to bring a product that is more affordable than most, so that we are able to pass those savings on to you, our customers, directly.
Artificial Intelligence
Most multiplayer game server DDoS protection providers sit between you and your users and can read your data, WE DON'T. We don't read or inspect your data packet travelling through our Lectron Cosmic Global Networks, instead we use our own proprietary method, combined with honeypots and machine learning to achieve a more surgically precise and targeted mitigation for your metaverse.
L7 Dragon Vibrant (1)

Quick Questions

we have created a FAQ section to address common questions and concerns and help you get started promptly. Thank you for helping us improve daily!

We have anycast proxy with 238 points of presences globally excluding mainland China, and anycast tunnel with 18+ points of presences globally. You don’t need to choose a location, everything is setup for you automatically using one provided IP endpoint.

You DON’T have to choose a location at all, because you will have all locations in one proxy and tunnel. There is no additional setup needed.

The minimum account top up amount is $3, and you will only pay as you go. The unit price per gigabyte of clean storage is $0.1

To learn more, use this guide

Yes, we use multiple unique methods to protect your game servers and metaverse from DDoS attacks. We have seen multiple servers with 1500+ players online concurrently stay up during heavy attacks and they don’t even feel the heat at all.

Lectron is the best to help my server…

... now no one can DDoS our server! We even told the guy who attacked us before to DDoS us again, he tested and he couldn't bring down the server even for 1 second. Lectron service is the best! You can setup everything in 5 mins! Their support is so fast and helpful, and the most important thing is it's so cheap!
Pawan O.
Founder of a highly popular FiveM game server hosting company, Kurd Labs

I'm just using Lectron tunnel product to defend my game server from high volumetric DDoS. You know what!? No one experienced lag and or disconnected. No more null route, zero complain, everyone happy! Great Product, Great Support, Very low cost!

Dev Gamesia Indonesia, ID

MadMallu is helping me alot even i got stuck at anything anytimes !!!

Kuong Cambodia, KH

this web is best to help my server fivem ! the guy from india was kind enough to try to help me install ddos attack resistant server! Recommended to install from lectron ! Thanks a lot alex from catba islan - vietnam

Nguyễn Phong Vietnam, VN

best DDoS protection method and the support is 10/10 they will solve your issue

sweetcamel U.A.E., AE

Excellent Support helped me setup my FiveM Server. I recommend this best Anti ddos website.

Richfield Ocer Philippines, PH

Best service, easy to use, high-level quality defense. With Lectron we secure our game server from bad guys.

Murr Russia, RU

Lectron is the ultimate solution to protect your server from attacks. I am finally saying goodbye to my sleepless nights worried about my server security, Thanks to Lectron. And The incredible support team helped me to solve my issues. So if you want to keep your server safe and secure, Lectron DDOS protection is the way to go, with Madmallu as your trusty sidekick!

Craft Man Ship India, IN

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