Pay as you go


Simply add funds and create a proxy or tunnel with pay-as-you-go pricing


$1 = 100 Lec Points

Traffic is calculated hourly for each proxy/tunnel created, and rounded up to the nearest gigabyte (for example, 1336.69 GB is rounded up to 1337 GB). The hourly usage is then billed and deducted from your credit balance automatically. If you don’t have any proxy or tunnel created in your account, no money is deducted on an hourly basis, so you don’t have to worry about that.

All plans include Accelerate feature to reach your origin faster via priority path network selection and single hop optimization, and to your end users faster using the nearest anycast edge point of presence locations available. Everything is automated.

Choose What is relevant to your needs

Each product below has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read the details below and choose the one that’s right for you.

Low entry fee. No string attached. Pinky promise.


210+ PoPs
Smart Filters
1 Point / gigabyte of clean traffic
  • Proxy all TCP & UDP​ applications
  • Dedicated Port, Shared IP Address​
  • 210 Points of Presences
  • Full Layer 3 Network Protection
  • Full Layer 4 Volumetric Protection
  • Smart Layer 7 Protection (50% effective)
  • 67 Tbps Volumetric Capacity
  • Windows Server Easy Proxy Setup
  • User IP Addresses Passthrough
  • Botnet Mitigation
  • SYN Flood Mitigation
  • SYN Spoofed Source IP Flood Mitigation
  • UDP Flood Mitigation
  • ICMP/IMCP Fragmentation Flood Mitigation
  • GRE Flood Mitigation
  • TOS Flood Mitigation
  • SYN+ACK/ ACK+PSH Flood Mitigation
  • NTP/DNS/SNMP/SSDP/Memcached Reflection Flood Mitigation
  • Fraggle/Smurf/Land Attack Mitigation
  • Christmas/Null/Fragmentation Attack Mitigation
  • CharGEN/Echo Flood Mitigation
  • Slowloris Attack Mitigation
  • HTTP Flood Mitigation
  • 48 Hour Support Ticket Turnaround
  • Instant Setup


18+ PoPs
Layer 7 Filters
3 Points / gigabyte of clean traffic
  • Full Server Tunnel
  • Dedicated anycast IP address
  • 18 Points of Presences
  • 3.6+ Tbps Volumetric Capacity
  • ALL Layer 3 Protection
  • ALL Layer 4 Protection
  • Advanced Layer 7 Protection
  • Windows Server GRE Tunnel Supported
  • Linux Server GRE Tunnel Supported
  • Transparent Native User IP Addresses
  • Minecraft Java Server Layer 7 Protection
  • FiveM GTA5 Server Layer 7 Protection
  • SA-MP Server L7 Protection (coming soon)
  • TCP Service L7 Protection
  • TeamSpeak 3 Server L7 Protection
  • OpenVPN UDP Server L7 Protection
  • Source Engine Queries L7 Protection
  • RakNet Server L7 Protection
  • Half Life 2/Source Server L7 Protection
  • Half-Life GoldSrc Server L7 Protection
  • DNS UDP Server L7 Protection
  • WireGuard Server L7 Protection
  • L7 Protection for ARMA 3 Server
  • STUN Server L7 Protection
  • Customized L7 Protection (Enterprise)
  • Configurable Block/Whitelist Firewall Rules
  • Configurable Rate Limiting Rules
  • 24 Hour Support Ticket Turnaround
  • 12 Hour Setup Wait Time
Best Value

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost a lot?

Very low cost. Lectron services are billed individually based on usage presented in the table above. You just need to add a minimum amount of credit to create a protected proxy or tunnel. Most services are enough for you to run smaller applications at very little cost (and when they grow, very low cost). Billing is per user or organization (collaborative team feature will be coming soon).


How much do I need to start?

For now, the minimum amount of credit to be added to your account before creating a protected proxy or tunnel is $10 USD. You only need to add funds, pay for what you use, and that’s it.


What are some payment methods I can use?

You can use credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, etc…) and Paypal to add credit to your account and pay for our services. The process is straightforward and payment are secured by Stripe and Paypal API.


How do you calculate traffic?

Our automatic systems use API calls to periodically query our internet upstream transit providers’ API to get inbound and outbound traffic for your proxy/tunnel and round it up to the nearest gigabyte.


How frequent is the traffic usage billed?

For each proxy/tunnel that you create, traffic is calculated hourly and rounded up to the nearest gigabyte (for example, 1336.69 GB is rounded up to 1337 GB). The hourly usage is then billed and deducted from your credit balance automatically. If you don’t have any proxy or tunnel created in your account, no money is deducted on an hourly basis, so you don’t have to worry about that.


What happens to the $0.01 that is deducted every hour even when I don’t have any traffic yet?

That is part of our rounded up to the nearest upper gigabyte in the pricing model listed above. You can consider it the price for unused reserved resource (in this case a created proxy or tunnel that isn’t used).

This is similar to other cloud providers, the only difference is that Lectron is cheaper and we already includes different calculations into one simple price of $0.01/GB.

Please take a look at Google Cloud Network Pricing for example: Google Cloud charges for compute engine and for reserved IP address whether or not it’s being used or unused. Similarly, Lectron also have similar cloud pricing model, but cheaper and easier to understand: We have everything under the 0.01 per GB, rounded to the higher nearest GB, per proxy/tunnel created, only after when you create a proxy/tunnel

  • If you create a proxy or tunnel but not yet used, then the price is $0.01/hour (basically the traffic is rounded up from 0.00GB to 1GB).
  • If you create a proxy or tunnel and having normal usage, then the estimated extra rounding up every hour would be ranging from $0.002 to $0.004 / hour.


Can I create multiple proxies?

Yes. Although, to reduce cheats and abuse, we require that you have at least $10 in your credit balance prior to the creation of each proxy or tunnel. If you want to create two or more protected proxies or tunnels, just make sure that you have $20 or the amount of $10 x amount of proxies/tunnels you want in your credit balance prior to clicking Create a Proxy or Create a Tunnel.


Can I edit the information in my proxy or tunnel after creation?

Yes. After creating a proxy or tunnel, you will be able to edit it as long as you wish.


Can I claim back credit after adding to my account?

No. We don’t support claiming back credit yet. If you have a small amount of dollars and cents left in your account, we will help you make use of it via our future various products. We have a roadmap to gamify the usage of the Lectron product ecosystem so that the leftover credit that you might have is not wasted.


Is support included?

Community support is included for all customers, regardless of usage level.

We will soon offer paid support plans with SLA guarantees as well.