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Lectron Story

Hi, my name is Viet York and am the founder of Lectron. I first started playing PC games in 1995, when I was only 3 years old. My first game that I had to download online was Creatures 3, my first online game was Counter Strike when I was 6 years old, and my first online MMORPG game was MU Online. One of my favorite things is playing, developing, and learning more about technology. I’ve always had an affinity for connecting people to the online world through gaming.

10 years ago, I created one of the first popular Minecraft servers in the world, serving 800+ concurrent online players. I learned Linux, designed and coded the game server plugins in 7 days only but it took me almost 2 and half months to reach the first real players.

All of those work were exciting and, at times, frightening. It was exhilarating to enjoy my time with my gamers all around the world. However my Minecraft server got DDoS attacked and blackmailed by the bad guys (I still kept that blackmail email) and it was extremely difficult to enjoy the time with my community when the game server was down all the time due to DDoS attacks.

I’ve spent years and years of trying to make DDoS mitigation easy for everyone, all so I could start this business with the dream of protecting people around the world.

Lectron is about more than mitigating DDoS attacks, it also drives the creation of fun, meaningful and exciting services.

I believe you can do the same thing and revamp your online community, I can help you stay safe so you have no worries.

So, are you ready to join the movement?

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meet our team

We are the multiplayer, cloud computing, and cybersecurity experts
Viet York
Founder, Head Hacker, Intelligence Analyst
Kai T.
Chief Technology Officer
Shibin V.
Chief Operating Officer
VP of Product
Molly N.
Gabriel R.
VP of Game Designs
Noble J.
Content Manager
Tom V.
Tuan N
Quan N.

Why Lectron?

The problems we solve?

It’s extremely difficult for a metaverse to afford the necessary cybersecurity solutions and spend a lot of money network acceleration.

Our mission

Lectron strives to make defending your website from DDoS attacks as cheap and easy as possible. We make it our mission to offer affordable products and services to those online businesses that want to protect themselves from costly threats.

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Best service you can get for the price!

Best service you can get for the price, you will not find anywhere else that offers the same service for a cheaper price
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