How to Add Credits in lectron Dashboard?

Lectron Offering High Level DDoS Protection For your Network in low price. You can buy your own protection using our coins. Here we are helping you to add credits in lectron Dashboard.

Start your purchase with credits

$1 = 100 Lec Points

> Click  Billing on the top header.

Click Payment method in the billing page to add your credit details.

Add your location with Zip/Post Code , then click  Continue >>

Select any payment method for payment 

After adding your payment method you can  add your credits to our Dashboard, minimum credit will be $10. Then Click ADD FUNDS,

More Pricing Details

Lectron Providing High Level DDoS Protection in Cheap price, you can buy with our Lectron coins

Our Best Services

Lectron providing High Level DDoS protection for your network. 

FiveM protection

Providing FiveM Server DDoS Protection .

SAMP Protection

Providing SAMP Server DDoS Protection

Teamspeak Protection

Providing TeamSpeak DDoS Protection

RUST Protection

Providing Rust Server DDoS Protection

Minecraft Protection

Providing Minecraft Server DDoS Protection

Tunnel Protection

Providing Tunnel DDoS Protection