What is SSH?

About SSH

Secure Shell is a protocol for accessing a remote computer. It lets you manage the machine and transfer files. without having to worry about security. SSH is a program that gives you secure access to the computer remotely, but SSH is not a protocol for accessing the computer. SSH is a computer program that implements the SSH protocol. The original SSH protocol was designed by Tatu Ylonen and had a maximum of 256 kilobytes per message. The SSH protocol uses public key cryptography to authenticate the server and you.

SSH is a suite of utilities that implement the SSH protocol to provide users with authentication, encrypted data communication over an open network etc.

SSH not only encrypts your data, it also lets you manage your system remotely. This handy tool allows you to log into another computer on the network and control it from there. You can use SSH and move files between computers too!

SSH refers to two things: the secure network protocol and the suite of utilities that implement this protocol ssh uses the client-server architecture, where the session is displayed on the client side and run on the server side. Due to its size, the primary benefit of SSH is remote access; terminal emulation or file transfers are secondary.

SSH can be used to create an encrypted connection for other apps, like X Windows System. An SSH server, by default, listens to the standard TCP port 22.

The example shown below displays a typical SSH prompt. All Linux and macOS users can SSH into their remote server directly from the terminal window. If you’re using Windows, you should consider using Putty, SolarPutty, MobaXterm. You can perform shell commands on the remote computer just as easily as if you were there in person.

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