Why is Lectron Cheap?

At Lectron, we pride ourselves on our cost-effective model. We offer low-cost services, charging for chosen value-added options. This ensures affordability while providing flexible, tailored solutions to meet specific needs. Our goal is to ensure all customers benefit from competitive pricing.

Hello and thank you for wanting to learn more about us! I’m Viet York, the founder of Lectron, and I’ll be explaining our approach to providing a quality service at a low cost.

the beginning

Back when we launched Lectron, we came to the market as a late entrant. The existing players had already set the standard, but we saw that those standards were not meeting the real needs of many businesses. We knew there had to be a better way.

Much like other game server creators turned DDoS protection provider, we entered the market as dissatisfied customers, frustrated with existing services that didn’t provide us with the features we needed or the pricing we wanted. We saw that many businesses, like us, were being underserved. And so, we set out to change that.

We believed that:

  • DDoS protection and network speed enhancement services should not be exorbitantly priced.
  • The reliability of providers was not up to standard.
  • The features offered by other providers were not comprehensive and were often confusing or difficult to use.
  • The market was saturated with products that were not customer-centric.

We offer affordable services and charge only for selected value-added options. This helps us keep our core services low-cost while providing additional services as needed.

We provide our core services for bare minimum price of $0.01/GB (or even lower with our various monthly discounts) and charge for additional features. For instance:

Adding a dedicated port to Lectron Proxy comes with a small fee.

For the inclusion of multiple load-balanced IP addresses in Lectron Proxy, a small fee is charged.

Enhance your Lectron Proxy with support for multiple protocols, available at a small fee.

Secure a dedicated Lectron Tunnel IP address for your convenience, with a small fee.

If managing services is not your preference, we offer affordable assistance to handle them for you.

Affordability and quality are our top priorities

We provide world-class DDoS protection and network speed enhancement services at the lowest price.
Our philosophy is simple: provide value, focus on the customer, and keep prices low. That’s the Lectron way.