How to config FiveM Proxy in Lectron Dashboard?

Step 1 #

Navigate to Lectron Dashboard , then Click “🛡️ Proxy

Step 2 #


Step 3 #

Add your FiveM IP Address and port

  • Name – Type any name you want
  • Protocol – Select TCP & UDP
  • Origin IP Address– Type your FiveM IP address
  • Origin Port – Type your FiveM Port
  • Proxy Port –  Select Random port or Dedicated port (optional)
  • TLS mode – off (default)
  • TCP Proxy Protocol – off (default)
  • UDP Proxy Protocol – off (default)

After filling all fields click Save

Step 4 #

After Successfully creating proxy you will see a notification on top right side 

NAMEIts your given Name
PROTECT PROXYYou need to use the Protected Proxy IP and Port on your server
ORIGINIt’s your server IP and port, (DONT SHARE)
PROTOCOLIt’s your given Protocol
TODAY’S DATA USAGEHere you can see your server hourly usage
CREATION DATE (UTC +0)Here you can see your server’s hourly usage

Now you can use the Protect Proxy IP

Step 5 #

Now, you need to add these lines to your server.cfg

sv_forceIndirectListing true
sv_listingHostOverride "PROTECTED PROXY IP:PORT"
sv_listingIpOverride "PROTECTED PROXY IP:PORT"
sv_proxyIPRanges ""

Restart your server and connect through Proxy IP

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