Lectron Chooses Cloudflare as one of its Official DDoS Protection and Traffic Acceleration Partners in Vietnam


Internationally distributed Denial-of-Service protection and Traffic Acceleration provider, Lectron, has teamed up with the multi-service IT company Cloudflare to defend their Vietnamese based clients. With over 10 years of experience in the field of network layer services, Cloudflare is the largest business of its kind in Vietnam, and was the ideal partner to help establish a quality defense against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks in the country.

“Cloudflare serves as an ideal partner for delivery of our services to the Vietnamese market. Vietnam is uniquely situated in that the country is well-represented online despite having a relatively small population, and that the overwhelming majority of the population is Internet-savvy,” says Lectron CEO Viet York. “The challenge we faced with most companies in the country was reliable delivery of our services. Vietnam has few transport carriers so this was a point of concern for us and our customers. Cloudflare solved this by building a high availability redundant network from multiple international locations. No other company than Cloudflare has dedicated so many resources to such an undertaking.”

After rising threats of DDoS attacks within and from Vietnam over the past year, many of which were sent by the group DD4BC (known for demanding ransoms in exchange for stopping their DDoS attacks against their targets), both Lectron and Cloudflare have been working to secure multiple vectors of business, including financial, retail and other internet-connected companies.

Since working with Lectron to add another layer of protection to their robust line of services, Cloudflare’s enterprise team says they are pleased with the partnership, and that it has helped create a stable experience for clients using their network.

We look to move forward and eradicate the threat of DDoS to Vietnamese businesses, and help expand their customer base.

About us:

We are an international DDoS solutions provider that has been protecting enterprises and small businesses. By orchestrating network layer as a software service, Lectron offers hybrid and scaling solutions for all industries and networks. Lectron is based in New York, with office presences in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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