Server Configuration in the Pterodactyl Panel

Server configuration is a crucial aspect of managing game servers in the Pterodactyl Panel. The configuration options allow you to customize various settings specific to your server, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. This documentation provides an overview of the server configuration options available in the Pterodactyl Panel and how to access and modify them.

Accessing Server Configuration #

To access the server configuration options for a specific server in the Pterodactyl Panel, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Pterodactyl Panel.
  2. From the dashboard, navigate to the “Servers” tab.
  3. Click on the server for which you want to configure the settings.
  4. In the server management page, click on the “Settings” tab.

General Settings #

The general settings section allows you to configure basic information about your server. Here are some key options available:

  • Name: Specify a descriptive name for your server.
  • Description: Provide additional details or notes about the server.
  • User: Assign a user to the server for proper ownership and access control.
  • Owner: Set the owner of the server.
  • Environment: Choose the environment type for your server (e.g., production, development).

Startup Settings #

The startup settings section allows you to define how your server starts up. Key options include:

  • Service: Select the service or game that the server runs.
  • Default Connection Protocol: Choose the default protocol for connecting to the server (e.g., TCP, UDP).
  • Command: Specify the startup command for the server.
  • Additional Startup Flags: Add any additional startup flags or arguments required by the server.
  • Autostart: Enable or disable automatic server startup on system boot.

5. Database Settings #

The database settings section allows you to configure database-related options for your server. This includes:

  • Enable Database: Choose whether to enable database functionality for the server.
  • Database Host: Specify the database host or IP address.
  • Database Port: Set the port number for the database connection.
  • Database Username: Enter the username for the database connection.
  • Database Password: Provide the password for the database connection.

Advanced Settings #

The advanced settings section provides additional configuration options for advanced users. Some notable options include:

  • Docker Image: Select the Docker image to use for the server.
  • Entry Command: Specify the command to be executed when entering the server console.
  • Container Startup Command: Set the startup command for the server container.
  • Resource Limit: Define resource limits for the server (e.g., CPU, RAM, disk space).

Conclusion #

Configuring your server settings in the Pterodactyl Panel is essential for tailoring your game server environment to your specific requirements. By accessing and modifying the server configuration options, you can customize various aspects such as general settings, startup settings, database settings, and advanced settings. Ensure to save your changes after configuring the settings to apply them to the server. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, refer to the official Pterodactyl documentation or seek support from the Pterodactyl community.

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