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How Predictive Analytics Can Improve Your Mobile App

Everyone does this predicting thing: financial analysts, business people, product guys, politicians, you name it. They do this for various purposes.

For app makers, predictive analytics can be that magic crystal ball that lets them see which users will remain by their side and which will churn eventually. And since no app maker/marketer wants to see a single user churn, they will get proactive in re-engaging those users and not letting them go.

6 Killer Features Your Ecommerce App Needs To Have

Ecommerce apps are powerful tools for online retailers, making it possible to reach users with more targeted offers, intuitive interfaces, and a more streamlined experience overall. But if you’re going to have an ecommerce app, you need to do it right.

Why is UX Copywriting so Important in Product Design

UX copywriting is a design job. Why? Because a great user experience design writing is as much important as great visual design. Yes, I said visual design. By that, I basically mean your UI. So, whenever I talk about design in general, I mean the combination of great UI, UX, and, of course, writing. Think yourself, what’s the point of designing a super-cool button when you cannot think of an effective call-to-action. Will your users click on a button like that? I am not sure…

6 Proven Ways of Engaging Your App Users

Getting people to download your mobile app is one thing, keeping those people engaged is another thing. One is hard, the other one is even harder. So, how do you keep your users engaged once they have downloaded your mobile app? It’s not that people hate using apps. Research shows that nearly 90% of mobile media time goes to mobile apps as compared to mobile web.

4 Mistakes Retailers Make At The Checkout Stage

Do you find that your customers often start the checkout process, but leave without purchasing? You’re not alone. In fact, in 2015, the average rate for checkout abandonment was 68%: that’s more than two-thirds of customers.

Conversion rates are low too. According to Yotpo, the highest converting industry is food, drink, and tobacco at a measly 5%.

14 Mobile App KPIs to Take Your App to the Next Level

At the end of the day, a mobile app is there to provide value for its users and to make them pay for it, isn’t it? So, while you might love its design and admire its rich functionality, your app users might not engage with it properly. And the reason behind this can be that they do not like the app or they like it but not to the extent as to pay for it.

How Will AI Help Design a Better User Experience

AI or Artificial intelligence is a hot buzzword these days especially among various businesses that are collecting big data. Currently, data has got an increase in speed, size, and variety. And it’s not so much about how to collect data than how to analyze and use it. AI can help since it’s basically the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, more concretely by computer systems. These processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction.