5 No Bullshit Ways of Measuring Mobile App Engagement

Mobile app engagement is not a joke. If you are a mobile app startup, be it B2B or B2C, you need a few things in place and these things are app installs, app retention, app engagement, app monetization. Today, we are going to speak about one of the things that can make or break an app owner’s life – app engagement.

How to do Proper User Research to create Customer-Driven Products

Customer-driven products are created by designers who know their users well enough. Everyone else is designing whatever comes to their own mind. And that’s not what UX design should look like. Instead, thorough user research should stand at the core of any product otherwise you are risking it.

User Experience Best Practices for eCommerce Apps

So, needless to say, that creating a cool user experience is a must for your business. Before you start coding, make sure to carefully prototype the UX design for your next eCommerce app. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

3 Best Practices for In-App Permissions

How apps ask for permissions differs from app to app. But the challenge for iOS app makers is that iOS gives you the ability to ask for a permission only once. So you have to get creative. Otherwise, the user should go find out how to turn the permission back on in OS settings. So, let’s now look at a few scenarios of in-app permission requests and see which of them are bright and which ones are total disasters.

Facebook’s Privacy Crisis Could Permanently Change Big Data

Over the last few years we’ve found ourselves square in the middle of the Age of Big Data. Data has become a new class of economic asset, like currency or gold. The more data collected, the more its value increases — and not just to businesses but to fields like sports, advertising, public health and even politics.

The Difference Between UI and UX Design

Lots of people still seem to confuse the terms UX and UI, although there is too much information on the internet and everybody is talking about those terms. UX stands for user experience and UI meaning user interface. It is important to know that UX and UI are crucial for a product and always work together. In this article, we will talk more about these two terms and highlight the difference between UI and UX design.

3 Ways You can Benefit from App Gamification

I remember, some 12 years ago when Nokia phones were the trend, there used to be a game “Snake” in nearly all of them. Everyone in our school was playing Snake during the lessons, lesson breaks, while going back home from school, while eating, walking, and of course, while doing the homework. We were obsessed with that game, and we were showing our scores to each other and bragging and bragging and bragging….

How Predictive Analytics Can Improve Your Mobile App

Everyone does this predicting thing: financial analysts, business people, product guys, politicians, you name it. They do this for various purposes.

For app makers, predictive analytics can be that magic crystal ball that lets them see which users will remain by their side and which will churn eventually. And since no app maker/marketer wants to see a single user churn, they will get proactive in re-engaging those users and not letting them go.

6 Killer Features Your Ecommerce App Needs To Have

Ecommerce apps are powerful tools for online retailers, making it possible to reach users with more targeted offers, intuitive interfaces, and a more streamlined experience overall. But if you’re going to have an ecommerce app, you need to do it right.