About Us

Discover the history of Lectron Minecraft. Join our nostalgic journey!

Made Since 2012

Started by Viet York

Lectron Minecraft started out as a combination of old servers that Viet York, the owner made since 2012. Those includes Waffle Minecraft, asdfcraft, sexycraft, Molly Town and Minecraftly. Lectron Minecraft was established in 2019 with the old data from Minecraftly server. The initial aim of the server was to create a classic and timeless experience for players just as it was back in 2011.

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Some Insights About Us

Inspired by Waffle Minecraft

The very first server that inspired Lectron Minecraft was Waffle Minecraft, the first creation of the founder of this company, Viet York. Started out with only $5 at that time, the server became a success with millions of players a day and 800 players online at the same time. The motivation and the success of the previous servers took us to the place we are now building a long lasting server with unlimited world and even more amount of players.

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