Auction House

 A great place to sell things to other players and make money

How does it work?

The Auction House is a great addition to the server, and its economy, it is used a lot, and we hope to see it used more in the future.

First of all, you can use /ah to bring up the Auction House. You can left-click to buy things from other players.

To put something up on the auction house use /ah sell (price) But if nobody buys your things in the next 7 days after its up, it will expire. This reduces spam in the Auction House.

If you accidentally put an item up for sale, you can bring up the Auction House, click the diamond, then click the item you want to be returned back to your inventory.

After an item expires you can use /ah expired to get a menu of your expired items, click the items to have them returned to your inventory.

If you’re curious, you can use /ah sold to see all the items you have sold, who you sold them to, and when they were sold.

· Sell things that are not in /shop.

· Find things that are expensive in /shop and sell them for a cheaper price. (Ex: Find Netherrite normally, then sell on /ah for 10k since they’re 15k in /shop.)

· Sell banners, heads, and custom made items.

Note: You can find out more command by going through our User Guide.