Unlimited Chest

We give players unlimited number of “player chest”, for free!

What are these chests?

These chests/vaults are similar to an enderchest (a small virtual chest accessible via /enderchest), however this is much larger in size and in number, this /chest allow you to store extra items in a virtual chest, only accessible to you, encrypted by base64 encryption method.

They’re like a double sized chest and allow you to store any items you want, you can access it anywhere at any point in time, and get anything or put anything in there! They’re really secure and safe, nobody can look into it or even steal items. 

Playervaults are a really easy way to transfer items, especially when mining.

To access your own vault, type /chest.

If you have multiple items, type /chest {number} – replacing the number with an actual number (1, 2, 3, 4 etc).

Default players get 10 chests, from 1 to 10.

Voter gets access to unlimited chests.

Note: You can find out more command by going through our User Guide.