Supposedly you have a minecraft game server and you want to use a address, you can do this by means of an A record and an SRV record. But how is the structure of this and how do you set it up?

Note: It is not necessary to create an A record if you host the minecraft server on our minecraft server hosting.

In general, you can already create an A record for via the DNS management of your provider to the ip address of your server. The SRV record can sometimes be different per provider, how it can be set.

The SRV record must contain the following elements:

For a minecraft play domain it will be something like this:

_minecraft._tcp.play00The port of your minecraft server, the default minecraft server port is 25565The target you want to connect to, it will define the IP of the server.
If you have set the A record it is: 
If you are using the minecraft servers it is something like

We have listed some examples of setups on different dashboards and services.

Step 1

Trough the Cloudflare domain, click on “DNS” to enter the DNS settings.

Step 2

Step 3

To let minecraft now what port and what connection protocol to follow we have to setup an SRV record.

Once you have set this, it will work after 2-4 hours and you can use your address or if you types “@” on name use