Reporting Cheaters and Exploits

Reporting cheaters and exploits is an important step in maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience in CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). By reporting cheaters and exploits, you help the game’s developers identify and take appropriate action against those who violate the game’s rules. This documentation provides information on how to report cheaters and exploits in CS:GO.

Reporting Cheaters #

  1. In-Game Reporting: CS:GO provides an in-game reporting feature that allows you to report suspected cheaters. To report a player, follow these steps:
    • While in-game, open the scoreboard.
    • Locate the player you suspect of cheating.
    • Right-click on the player’s name and select “Report.”
    • Choose the appropriate cheating category for your report.
    • Provide any additional information or evidence, if available.
    • Submit the report.
  2. Steam Profile Reporting: You can also report suspected cheaters through the player’s Steam profile. To do so, follow these steps:
    • Go to the suspected cheater’s Steam profile.
    • Click on the “More” button (represented by three horizontal dots) located at the top-right corner of the profile.
    • Select “Report Violation.”
    • Choose the appropriate cheating category for your report.
    • Provide any additional information or evidence, if available.
    • Submit the report.
  3. Overwatch: The Overwatch system in CS:GO allows experienced players to review reported cases and make judgments on whether a player is cheating or not. By participating in Overwatch, you contribute to the community’s efforts in identifying and punishing cheaters. To access Overwatch, you need to reach a certain profile rank and be in good standing within the CS:GO community.

Reporting Exploits #

  1. Official CS:GO Forums: Visit the official CS:GO forums and look for relevant sections or threads where you can report exploits. Provide a detailed description of the exploit, including steps to reproduce it, if possible. Sharing any evidence, such as screenshots or videos, can help in the investigation.
  2. Contact CS:GO Support: If you encounter a severe exploit that requires immediate attention, you can contact the CS:GO support team directly. Use the official support channels provided by Valve to report the exploit and provide all necessary details for their investigation.

Providing Information #

When reporting cheaters or exploits, it is crucial to provide as much information as possible to assist in the investigation. Here are some tips:

  1. Player Details: Provide the suspected cheater’s Steam profile name, Steam ID, or any other identifying information. If possible, include links to their profile or match demos.
  2. Evidence: Include any evidence you may have, such as screenshots, videos, or links to recorded gameplay that demonstrates the suspected cheating or exploit. This helps the investigative team assess the situation accurately.
  3. Description: Provide a clear and detailed description of the cheating behavior or exploit, including the circumstances in which it occurred and any additional relevant information that may help in the investigation.
  4. Match Information: If reporting a cheater encountered in a specific match, provide details about the match, including the date, time, and game mode (competitive, casual, etc.). This information can help identify the relevant match data for investigation.
  5. Accuracy and Objectivity: Ensure that your report is accurate and based on legitimate suspicions or evidence. Avoid making false accusations or submitting reports without sufficient justification, as it may waste resources and hinder the process of dealing with genuine cheaters and exploits.

Remember, reporting cheaters and exploits helps maintain a fair gaming environment in CS:GO. By actively participating in reporting, you contribute to the overall integrity of the game and ensure a better experience for all players.

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