Map Overviews and Callouts

In CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), having a good understanding of map layouts and callouts is essential for effective communication and coordination with teammates. This documentation provides an overview of popular maps in CS:GO and their key features, as well as common callouts used to indicate specific locations on these maps.

Active Duty Maps #

Dust II #

Dust II is a classic and highly popular map set in a Middle Eastern desert. Known for its long sightlines and iconic chokepoints, it provides a balanced gameplay experience. The map features two bombsites (A and B) with long corridors and open spaces. Dust II requires good map control, strategic positioning, and efficient use of utility to secure objectives.

Mirage #

Mirage is a Middle Eastern-themed map that strikes a balance between open areas and close-quarters combat. It features two bombsites (A and B) and a mid connector. Mirage offers multiple pathways, including apartments, palace, and underpass, allowing for diverse strategies. Successful gameplay on Mirage involves strong communication, map control, and effective coordination between teammates.

Inferno #

Inferno is a map set in a European town, known for its narrow pathways and close-range engagements. It offers a tactical and intense gameplay experience. The map includes two bombsites (A and B), banana as a key chokepoint, and a mix of narrow corridors and open areas. Inferno requires strategic execution of utility, proper map control, and coordinated teamwork to secure objectives.

Nuke #

Nuke is a unique map set in a nuclear facility, featuring multiple levels and vertical gameplay. It offers a distinct playstyle with strategic rotations and vertical control points. The map consists of two bombsites (A and B) connected by multiple routes, including ramp, vents, and catwalk. Nuke demands precise teamwork, effective communication, and strategic positioning to gain control and secure objectives.

Train #

Train is set in a trainyard and provides a mix of long-range and close-quarters combat scenarios. It features two bombsites (A and B) and a range of elevated positions. The map requires good teamwork and communication to navigate the complex pathways, control key areas such as Ivy, and execute coordinated strategies to secure objectives.

Overpass #

Overpass is set in a post-industrial environment and offers multiple pathways and bombsites. It provides a diverse gameplay experience with a balance between long-range engagements and close-quarters combat. Overpass features two bombsites (A and B), as well as connector, park, and bathroom areas. Successful gameplay on Overpass involves map control, effective utility usage, and strategic rotations to outmaneuver opponents.

Vertigo #

Vertigo is a unique and vertically-oriented map set on a skyscraper under construction. It provides opportunities for creative strategies and unexpected plays. Vertigo features two bombsites (A and B) connected by multiple levels and elevators. The map demands effective coordination, vertical control, and adaptability to exploit advantageous positions and secure objectives.

Reserve Group Maps #

Cache #

Cache is a warehouse-themed map known for its balance between long-range and close-quarters combat. It features two bombsites (A and B) with a mix of open areas and tight corridors. Cache requires strategic positioning, effective use of utility, and precise aim to outplay opponents and secure objectives.

Cobblestone #

Cobblestone has a castle-themed setting and offers a mix of open areas, narrow pathways, and challenging chokepoints. It features two bombsites (A and B) and requires both map control and strategic execution of utility. Cobblestone demands strong teamwork, coordinated attacks, and proper site executions to achieve success.

Office #

Office is set in an office building and offers tight corridors and multiple levels, requiring careful movement and teamwork. It features two hostage rescue zones. Successful gameplay on Office involves efficient communication, map control, and effective coordination to rescue hostages or defend the area from terrorists.

Agency #

Agency is set in a modern office building and offers a mix of long-range engagements and close-quarters combat. It features two hostage rescue zones. Agency requires a combination of strategic positioning, precise aim, and quick decision-making to rescue hostages or prevent the rescue as a counter-terrorist.

Hostage Rescue Maps #

Italy #

Italy is set in an Italian town and offers tight streets, narrow corridors, and opportunities for tactical play. It features two hostage rescue zones. Successful gameplay on Italy involves careful map control, communication, and well-coordinated attacks to rescue hostages or defend them as terrorists.

Assault #

Assault is set in an urban environment and emphasizes fast-paced action with a mix of outdoor and indoor areas. It features two hostage rescue zones. Assault demands rapid decision-making, effective coordination, and skillful individual play to successfully rescue hostages or prevent their rescue as a counter-terrorist.

Militia #

Militia is set in a woodland area and provides various vantage points and opportunities for stealthy gameplay. It features two hostage rescue zones. Successful gameplay on Militia involves map awareness, patience, and precise execution of strategies to rescue hostages or maintain their captivity as a terrorist.

Demolition Maps #

Lake #

Lake is a small and fast-paced map with a focus on close-quarters combat and quick rotations. It demands good map control, efficient communication, and fast decision-making to secure eliminations and win rounds.

Safehouse #

Safehouse is set in a suburban area and offers both open spaces and tight corners. It provides a mix of gameplay styles, requiring adaptability and versatility. Effective gameplay on Safehouse involves map control, effective use of angles, and intelligent movement to outmaneuver opponents.

Shortdust #

Shortdust is a compact version of Dust II designed for fast-paced Demolition gameplay. It focuses on close-quarters engagements, quick rotations, and intense action. Successful gameplay on Shortdust requires sharp reflexes, effective utility usage, and efficient decision-making.

Arms Race Maps #

Baggage #

Baggage is a small map set in an airport baggage area. It offers intense close-quarters combat and quick rounds. Players progress through a series of weapons by securing kills. Baggage demands rapid reflexes, accurate aim, and the ability to adapt to different weapons and situations.

Monastery #

Monastery is a monastery-themed map with a mix of indoor and outdoor areas. It provides varied gameplay opportunities and focuses on short-range engagements. Players progress through weapon tiers as they secure kills. Monastery requires quick decision-making, precise aim, and effective movement to dominate opponents.

Shoots #

Shoots is set in a shooting range, focusingon short-range engagements and fast-paced action. It is designed for the Arms Race game mode where players progress through a series of weapons by securing kills. Shoots demands quick reflexes, precise aim, and efficient target acquisition to rapidly progress through the weapon tiers and emerge victorious.

These descriptions provide an overview of the active duty, reserve group, hostage rescue, demolition, and arms race maps in CS:GO. Each map offers unique challenges, strategic opportunities, and gameplay experiences. It is important to study and familiarize yourself with the specific layouts, callouts, and strategies for each map to enhance your gameplay and effectively communicate with your team. Refer to official CS:GO resources, community guides, and map-specific tutorials for more detailed information, strategies, and callouts for each map.

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