Configuring Server Settings and Gameplay Variables

Configuring server settings and gameplay variables in CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) allows you to customize the game environment according to your preferences and create a unique gameplay experience for yourself and other players on your dedicated server. This documentation will guide you through the process of configuring server settings and gameplay variables in CS:GO.

Server Configuration Files #

CS:GO server settings are defined in configuration files that control various aspects of the game. The primary configuration file is server.cfg, located in the csgo/cfg directory. This file contains global server settings and can be edited using a text editor.

Editing server.cfg #
  1. Open the server.cfg file in a text editor.
  2. Customize the server settings according to your preferences. Some commonly modified settings include:
    • hostname: Set the name of your server (e.g., hostname "My CS:GO Server").
    • sv_password: Set a server password to restrict access (e.g., sv_password "mypassword").
    • sv_lan: Set to 0 to make the server accessible over the internet (e.g., sv_lan 0).
    • sv_maxplayers: Define the maximum number of players allowed on the server (e.g., sv_maxplayers 16).
    • mp_roundtime: Set the duration of each round in minutes (e.g., mp_roundtime 2).
    • mp_timelimit: Set the total time limit for the map in minutes (e.g., mp_timelimit 30).
    • mp_maxrounds: Define the maximum number of rounds to be played per map (e.g., mp_maxrounds 15).
  3. Save the changes to the server.cfg file.

Gameplay Variables #

In addition to the server configuration file, you can modify gameplay variables using console commands. These commands can be executed through the in-game console or added to the server.cfg file to be automatically executed when the server starts.

Here are some commonly used gameplay variables that you can adjust:

  • mp_freezetime: Set the duration of the freeze time before each round (e.g., mp_freezetime 5).
  • mp_buytime: Define the duration for players to buy items at the start of each round (e.g., mp_buytime 60).
  • mp_startmoney: Specify the amount of starting money for each player (e.g., mp_startmoney 800).
  • mp_round_restart_delay: Set the delay in seconds before a round restarts (e.g., mp_round_restart_delay 5).
  • mp_maxmoney: Define the maximum amount of money a player can have (e.g., mp_maxmoney 16000).
  • mp_round_restart_delay: Set the delay in seconds before a round restarts (e.g., mp_round_restart_delay 5).
  • sv_regeneration_force_on: Enable or disable health regeneration for players (e.g., sv_regeneration_force_on 1).

To execute these commands, open the in-game console by pressing the tilde (~) key and type the desired command followed by its value. For example, to set the starting money to $10,000, type mp_startmoney 10000 in the console.

Applying Changes #

To apply the server configuration and gameplay variable changes, follow these steps:

  1. Save the modified server.cfg file.
  2. Restart the CS:GO dedicated server for the changes to take effect.

Once the server restarts, the modified settings and variables will be active and applied to the gameplay experience on your server.

Remember to regularly review and update your server settings and gameplay variables to fine-tune the gameplay experience and accommodate the preferences of your players.

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