Custom Game Modes: Surfing, Zombie Mod, etc.

In addition to the standard gameplay modes, CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) offers a variety of custom game modes created by the community. These game modes introduce unique gameplay mechanics and provide an opportunity to explore different playstyles. This documentation provides an overview of popular custom game modes in CS:GO.

Surfing #

Surfing is a custom game mode that focuses on navigating through surfing-themed maps using air strafing and bunny hopping techniques. The goal is to smoothly surf along ramps and slopes while maintaining control and speed. Surfing maps often feature challenging courses and timers to encourage players to improve their movement skills and compete for the fastest times.

Zombie Mod #

Zombie Mod is a popular custom game mode where players are divided into two teams: humans and zombies. The game starts with a few players as zombies, whose goal is to infect the human players by killing them. Humans must survive or eliminate the zombies using weapons and teamwork. Infected humans then join the zombie team, and the game continues until all humans are infected or eliminated.

Gun Game #

Gun Game is a fast-paced custom game mode where players progress through a series of weapons by securing kills. Each player starts with a basic weapon, and with each successful kill, they advance to the next weapon. The objective is to be the first player to reach the final weapon and secure a kill with it, winning the game. Gun Game tests players’ versatility with different weapons and challenges their ability to adapt quickly.

Retakes #

Retakes is a custom game mode that simulates the retake scenario of a bombsite. Players are divided into two teams: terrorists and counter-terrorists. The counter-terrorists start in predetermined positions while the terrorists attempt to plant the bomb. The objective for the counter-terrorists is to retake the bombsite and defuse the bomb within a limited time. Retakes focus on fast-paced gameplay, teamwork, and strategic retake maneuvers.

Deathrun #

Deathrun is a custom game mode where players navigate through obstacle courses filled with traps and hazards. The players are divided into two teams: runners and death. Runners must navigate through the course, avoiding traps set by the death team. The death team’s objective is to activate traps and eliminate the runners before they reach the end. Deathrun challenges players’ timing, reflexes, and problem-solving skills.

Jailbreak #

Jailbreak is a custom game mode inspired by real-life prison scenarios. Players are divided into two teams: prisoners and guards. The objective for the prisoners is to rebel against the guards and escape the prison, while the guards must maintain order and prevent escapes. Jailbreak involves various rules and activities, including following orders, participating in games, and coordinating with teammates to execute an escape plan.

Hide and Seek #

Hide and Seek is a custom game mode that transforms traditional gameplay into a game of hide-and-seek. One team becomes the seekers, while the other team becomes the hiders. The seekers must find and eliminate the hiders within a specified time limit. Hiders can hide in various spots on the map, using their wits and stealth to evade detection. Hide and Seek emphasizes creativity, strategy, and patience.

1v1 Arena #

1v1 Arena is a custom game mode where two players face off in a small map designed for one-on-oneduels. Each player starts with the same loadout and faces each other in a series of rounds. The objective is to eliminate the opponent and win the round. After each round, players respawn and switch sides. 1v1 Arena focuses on individual skill, aim, and strategy, providing an intense and competitive environment for duels.

These are just a few examples of the custom game modes available in CS:GO. The community continually creates new and unique game modes, expanding the possibilities for exciting and unconventional gameplay. Custom game modes offer a refreshing break from the standard modes and allow players to explore different playstyles, improve specific skills, and enjoy diverse experiences within the CS:GO community.

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